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Louise Platt from England

Written on 19 May, 2019

We booked Clement to pick us up from our Casa in Playa Larga and take us to Trinidad. Clement was an excellent driver and drove at a steady speed which made us feel very safe. A lot of the other taxi drivers in Cuba drove as though they were in a Grand Prix which had me clinging on to my seat.
He was also an excellent tour guide and gave us a great insight into Cuban life and also took us around Cienfuegos (his home town) en route to Trinidad.


Written on 7 March, 2019

Clement is a great guy and a wonderful source of information about his beautiful and unique country. I look forward to using his service the next time I visit Cuba I would hire him for multiple days if possible. English and French were no problem for him as my Spanish is very bad.Thanks again for the ride.

sheri from USA

Written on 8 February, 2019

Clement was very punctual - we asked to be picked up at 5am in Trinidad, and he lives an hour away - he was there at 4:55am so that's saying a lot!

He also agreed to stop at a rest stop along the way so we could get coffee. We go the airport exactly around the time we expected to (about 4.5 hour drive from Trinidad to Havana).

Daniele, Rita, Alice from ITALIA

Written on 11 December, 2018

Abbiamo conosciuto Clement su questo Sito WEB YOTELLEVO e devo dire che è stata una scelta molto azzeccata, Clement è stato puntualissimo negli appuntamenti , molto pfofessionale ed attento a tutte le norme di sicurezza stradali e sopratutto una ottima Guida turistica , amando e conoscendo molto bene il suo paese è stata una fonte ricchissima di informazioni sulla storia e sulle usanze dei CUBANI , dovessi ritornare a CUBA chiederei senz' altro di lui che ormai è diventato un amico.

Conocimos a Clement en un sito WEB YOTELLEVO, debo decir que fue una decision muy acertada, Clement fue muy puntual en las citas, muy profesional y atento con todas las medidas de seguridad en la carretera pero sobre todo un excelente guia turistico, amando y conosciendo muy bien su pais fue una rica fuente de informacion sobre la historia e las costumbre de los cubanos. Si debo regresar a CUBA sin duda preguntare por el que ahora es un amigo para mi.

Helen & Bryan Watt from United Arab Emirates

Written on 2 December, 2017

Clement did an amazing job looking after us. He was always on time and very reliable, and always ready to help in any way he could. He made sure that we had regular stops on the long journeys, finding us great places to eat along the way. He even stopped to buy us some Custard Apple fruit (Anona?) along the road side. He lives in Cienfuegos so was able to give us a good tour of the town when we were there.

Clement's English is good. He also spoke French with my husband when we got stuck with English so no problems with communication. The car was comfortable and seems to be well maintained and reliable. We highly recommend Clement to anyone looking for a driver.

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