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Chloé Faustine Medhi from France

Written on 22 December, 2019

We had booked a 14 days trip with Daniel. At the last minute we end up travelling with Alexis under the same conditions agreed with Daniel. We had a great time with Alexis. He was really professional,punctual and helpful. He dropped us everywhere we wanted ( even if the road to go there was terrible). He often droped our luggage into our accommodation while we were enjoying ourself elsewhere and make everything possible to help us. He made all the necessary efforts to understand our approximate Spanish and to share with us his knowledge of the country . He has excellent driving skills and a good car (Toyota) with air conditioning and enough space for our massive suitcases. We fully recommend Alexis to spend a nice and safe trip in Cuba.
Greeting from France
Chloé, Faustine and Medhi


Giraldo y Nataly from España, Madrid

Written on 13 December, 2019

Hace unos minutos le envié el contacto de Daniel a un amigo que viajara a Cuba, y me comenta sobre una muy mala opinión, por lo cual me dispongo a relatar mi experiencia porque creo que ha sido algo injusto, yo lo conocí mientras ya estaba en Cuba, y me llevo por dos noches a Trinidad, del 9/12 al 11/12.
Dejamos la Habana sobre las 8am, nos llevó a visitar el criadero de cocodrilos en Guama y la Laguna del Tesoro, hermosa experiencia. Seguido estuvimos realizando buceo en La cueva de los peces (que decía que costaba 30 cuc por persona) pero Daniel conocía al guía y solo nos cobró 20 cuc por persona. También terminamos la tarde un restaurante intricado que de seguro nosotros no lo encontraríamos y comimos una muy buena comida (Daniel nos pidió que no dijéramos lo que comimos), pero fue espectacular, llegamos en la noche a Trinidad, aquí salimos a caminar con Daniel y terminamos en un restaurante maravilloso (Oshun y Yamaya), la mejor langosta que he comido en Cuba. Al día siguiente nos llevó a Topes de Collantes, sus cascadas son preciosas y también almorzamos en un restaurante local (que tampoco podemos decir que. haha). Al día siguiente fuimos bien temprano a la playa 8am por Daniel nos advirtió sobre la cantidad de Turistas que hay, así q disfrutamos de una playa privada hasta las 10AM. El conocimiento de Daniel en la Isla es de mucha ayuda para cualquier turista que quiera ir a visitarlos, le recomiendo que viajen con el para disfrutar de una verdadera experiencia de Cuba…
Nota: Definitivamente le aconsejaría este chofer a todos los que visitan Cuba


Madeleine & Joana from United Kingdom

Written on 10 December, 2019

Unfortunately we had a very bad 14 days tour with Daniel (actually 13 days, because the last day he did not show up after he received his money...)
His behaviour toward us - two women, not accompanied by a man which would have probably made a difference - was inappropriate, unprofessional and very offending. He did not stop making personal offences about our personality, although we asked him to stop that at the very beginning. He even shouted at us. He clearly did not like us nor respected us - but as a professional working in the service and tourist sector, you have to behave appropriate whether you like your customers or not.
We booked a guide for a photo tour from sunrise to sunset and paid extra money for that. But all we got was a driver. He never did any guiding, told us anything about country, culture, traditions etc, he simply dropped us off somewhere and picked us up again - sometimes hours, sometimes even two days later. He never suggested a location to stop, we had to do all the research which wasn't always easy due to limited internet in Cuba. And for sure we missed a lot of nice places which we could have visited with a guide with local knowledge. We definitely paid way too much money for what we got.
He did not take good care of us while driving, so we always had to make sure ourselves to get a lunch break, a loo stop, water etc. He did not help us. Neither did he support us when we were obviously ripped off at two of our accommodations. Instead of helping us he simply offended us again and that we should shut up, because that is the way things work in Cuba (when we had to pay 100 US Dollar for a room without a proper window which costs usually 10 - 16 USD for example). A guide should be the safe harbour in a foreign country - but it felt that we had to fight and defend ourselves constantly.
When we had a break down with the car, he let us wait for more than 2 hours in the boiling sun, instead of showing us the nearby restaurant and offering us something to drink.
But the worst - he asked for the last part of the payment before the tour ended, because he needed the money he said. Although we did not feel good about it - we paid. And we never saw him again. He sent a taxi instead and the driver had the order to simply drop us off at a beach for the whole day, so we could not do our last part of the photo tour which was booked and paid.
Because of my job I am a frequent traveller and had so many guides already around the world. Never before I made such a bad experience. What a shame. The country you visit you will remember as good or as bad as the guide was. Unfortunately we could not enjoy Cuba as we should have been. Definitely not a recommendable guide.


  Daniel Víctor González replied on 12 December, 2019

I appreciate that you have taken your precious time to leave your comment, although it is not the best review I have received, I recognize that you give me a unique opportunity to improve my customer service management as it deserves, so it is a benefit for my future clients. In a way I am happy because I know that you achieved very good photos thanks to the teamwork we made, in the search you made thanks to the cell phone line that I gave you at no cost and my knowledge about the Island. I understand your bad experience especially with accommodation, something that I offered to organize and you insisted on doing it by your means, it is also true that car broke down, but that I quickly resolved another car to continue the trip in less than 1 hour and 18 min ( exact) Although we were quite far from anywhere, you may not remember why I was very upset, but in trinity when I arrived at your accommodation and had your problem I offered to solve it quickly with other accommodation and later you decide to stay, I I told the owner of the house to give her free breakfast to reduce the tendency. I am very sorry that your opinion not only about me, but about Cuba is so negative, but I also know, that we can be better thanks to these warnings from the client.
Thank you very much for your time

Jonathan Starck from Panama

Written on 13 November, 2019

Good English and quick responses via WhatsApp
Offers rides everywhere in Cuba at a competitive price
Thanks Daniel!


Robert & Emmy from The Netherlands

Written on 11 August, 2019

The initial plan was that Daniel only picked up at the airport take us to Havana and after that the Viñales. But as his service was excellent (waiting for us at the airport after quite some delay and Daniel knew a lot of Cuba) he arranged the whole tour for us. Daniel has also a travel company so he was able to take us to all the nice spots in Las Terrazas, and Trinidad. Especially the trip from Las Terrazas to Trinidad was remarkable due the all wonderful things we did and saw under way: diving in the sea, boat trip, swimming, bay of pigs and so on.
Next to that he is trustworthy, perfectly on time for pick-ups and has a good car with airco; all reasonable priced. We would definitely recommend Daniel to you when go to Cuba.


  Daniel Víctor González replied on 14 August, 2019

Thank you very much for your positive review????, I just do my job (although I must admit, that in many occasions I enjoy good company????), we strive for you to spend the best of your vacations, It has been an immense pleasure to meet you and make trips like the one from Las Terrazas to Trinidad.

Daniel Víctor González offers:
Private taxi Viñales > Varadero
110 cuc

Contact Daniel and book this trip for next 21 February, 2020

Daniel Víctor González offers:

Viñales > Varadero

$ 110 CUC
up to 4 passengers
  • Only available:
    Date / Departure
  • 21 February / 1 pm .. 5 pm

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