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Anna Jeffers from United States

Written on 19 June, 2018

We chose Raidel to show myself, my husband, my 88 year old aunt, and grandson around Havana. He was accompanied by Ana. My Aunt's father (my grandfather) was born in Cuba in 1903. We wanted to see the town he was born in, San Antonio de los Banos. They took us there and around Havana telling all abut the history and culture. My Aunt speaks Spanish and she and Ana happily conversed about foods and traditions. Raidel made special stops for fruit and worked us a deal on some cigars. The car we rode in was a 57 Pontiac that was beautiful. If it had a flaw I couldn't find it. I highly recommend Raidel. His price is very reasonable though I recommend paying extra for the great service and company.


Sally from Australia

Written on 4 December, 2019

I requested an English-speaking driver to drive me around to numerous spots that I had specified. I exchanged numerous written messages with Raidel (in English - my only language!). I arrived at the meeting spot at the proposed time and 1. it wasn't Raidel (but another driver) 2. The other driver didn't speak English! There was also another woman there (Anna) who said that she was the woman that I had been writing to online about the trip - it wasn't Raidel at all. Raidel also turned up at this point - and he spoke English! I expressed my concern that my driver only spoke Spanish. Anna said no problems - we could call her on the phone if there were any problems.. not a very practical solution when we were driving past something and I wanted to know what it was or receive any kind of information about it. However, I was caught in the tourist trap. The day I had arranged for the tour was the only one that I had available - and I had also organised them to take me out to the Tropicana and pick me up again after it was over. I would have complained more at the time - but I didn't want to be stuck at the Tropicana after it was over with no way home. Also on the trip the driver drove me to a Paladar (of his choice) for lunch. I asked what we were doing here. He then rang Anna. She said I would be very comfortable at this paladar. I said (quite firmly) that as I was paying for the tour then I would like to go to the Paladar that I had specifically chosen (I'm a foodie and I wanted to go where I wanted to go!). Anna reluctantly agreed on the phone. The day continued. We arrived at Fusterlandia between 12 and 2 (when it was only open to tourist buses). We had to ring Anna again for suggestions as to where to go that would be close (and intersesting) so that we could return to Fusterlandia after 2. Anna said something along the lines of 'but you've seen Fusterlandia from the outside - that's enough'. Again, I had to firmly explain that I had flown half way around the world and I actually wanted to see inside the attraction! One doesn't merely visit the Louvre to look at the outide of it!

The driver was nice enough throughout the day - considering I speak no Spanish and his English was minimal at best. I tipped him appropriately... because it wasn't really his fault... but geez - what a waste of my time and money! Such a disappointment! Stay away from this guy. This is a classic case of Cuban tourism growing faster than it's infrastructure is set up for. Keep looking!


SILVIA from España

Written on 17 September, 2019

Super recomendable!! Nosotros lo contratamos para hacer una excursion de dia a viñales. Nos recogieron en nuestro hostal super puntuales. Vino el conductor con su mujer que nos hizo de guia y nos dio todo tipo de explicaciones. Hicimos una excursion a todos los sitios tipicos de la zona (mural, cueva, mirador, plantacion de tabaco...) y nos llevaron a comer a un sitio increible y muy economico. Los viajes se nos hicieron amenos gracias a sus conversaciones. Sin duda, si volvemos...repetiremos!! gracias por todo!


Andrew and Julia from United Kingdom

Written on 1 September, 2019

Dealing with Raidel was an absolute pleasure. We used his services to take us from Jibacoa to Havana airport but wished we’d booked him for other journeys too. He was very helpful and prompt when responding to emails and arrived to collect us in time and his car was absolutely stunning!!! He really has pride in his vehicle.
I would definitely recommend booking with Raidel and I would use him again if (when) I revisit Cuba. Thank you Raidel!!


Luis Guillermo

Written on 3 July, 2019

Excelente atención por parte de Raidel, es un gran anfitrión en cuba , no duden en contactarlo supera por mucho la atención que recibimos , fue un gran acierto el que nos ayudará en Cuba , lo recomiendo ampliamente, el auto increíble muy bonito y cómodo con aire acondicionado.


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