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What does YoTeLlevo do?

YoTeLlevo connects travelers interested in moving around Cuba in taxi, with independent drivers who own a taxi and are willing to help them.

How do I create a Travel Request?

It's very easy! To create a Travel Request you just have to go to the requests form and complete it.

What happens after I create a Travel Request?

Instantly, 3 of our drivers get a notification with the details of your request and the way to contact you. With this information they start quoting you to agree the travel in more detail..

Why 3 drivers? Isn't it enough with only one?

Our drivers are retired pilots, fishermen, professionals, all owners of a taxi that help us move you around the island; they are at travelers' disposal, but at the same time are independent people with their own agenda. To increase the probabilities of your travel getting attention, we notify 3 of them.

What happens if none of them contacts me?

Wait, what? It's really difficult this happens. However, in case it does happen, you can write an email to [email protected] and tell us about it; we'll make it up to you gladly, and your problem will be solved.

What happens if more than 1 driver contacts me?

You choose the driver that best fits your requirements, or the one you empathized the most with. You have the possibility to negotiate your travel directly with them, so why not take advantage of this and put them to compete? ;).

Am I obligated to travel with one of these drivers?

Of course NOT. Creating a Travel Request in YoTeLlevo is made without commitments or strings attached. Gently reject their offers and move on without any more distractions.

What happens when the travel date arrives?

The driver should pick you up in the agreed place and time. Agree with your driver every detail: pick up place, date and time, journeys, stops, prices, stayings. The driver may give you his phone number for last minute arrangements.

Can I modify what I agreed with my driver?

Definitely YES. You can make any changes you want. Our drivers adjust themselves to all your needs and improvisations. In fact, the best way to meet Cuba is to learn as you go and adjust everything.

How do I pay the taxi rides to YoTeLlevo?

You don't. You pay directly to your taxi driver, in the way you both agreed (normally cash).

Do you have any other questions? Contact us