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Kati from Grand Cayman

Written on 17 April, 2020

How to start?! Humberto is the most loving, patient and kind person! My friends and I came the first time to Cuba. We didn't really know what exactly to expect. All what we knew was out of a book. Humberto give us a feeling of being a part of his family! He was always super friendly and had a smile on his face. We were learning so much about Cuba! He answered my millions of questions patiently and made sure we experienced not only the tourist side of Cuba! Humberto will tell you that his English isn't well but that isn't true! His English is great!!! He showed us different restaurants where we were able to eat safely and inexpensive. Humberto has been such a great company! We loved having him around us! He knows all the great places on the island...for example he drove us to a place which we enjoyed the best pina colada we ever had! (and I did had a lot before)
I still miss the taste of fresh pineapple and coconut! ????
He also recommended that we are leaving Havana to experience Vinales for an extended day trip! I'm so glad we followed his recommendation! It was absolutely beautiful! We went 3 hours horseback riding, visited a Tabak Farm (and learned rolling/smoking cigars), saw a coffee plantation, went through cave's, visited an orchid plantation, etc. We had such a great time! My favorite day was when Humberto joined us for lunch! He brought us to a local Cuban Restaurant! We had sugar cane juice and lots of different food, served as family style! It was delicious!!!
If you ever go to Cuba, Humberto is the best driver you can get! We only went for one week but I learned so much about the culture, the people, the government and history of Cuba! Humberto wasn't just our driver! He was and is our friend and we are forever thankful for his time and effort to make our trip unforgettable!????

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Judith & Shawn from USA

Written on 15 March, 2020

Alex drove my husband and I across Cuba (for approx. 2,900 km) and we couldn’t have picked a better driver! Alex was always punctual and super safe. He was also very helpful and great to communicate with. We had a memorable trip which was largely thanks to Alex.

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Boris & Ksenija, Viktorija & Mitja from Slovenia

Written on 9 March, 2020

The biggest challenge of preparing a trip to Cuba (on our own plan), was to plan to transportation. Nightmare. Through YO TE LLEVO I met Oswald first and then his brother Alex. Alex and I agreed on a 10 days trip. So the nightmare turned into a wonderful trip. Very safe driver, always up to the minute, always ready for service. He arrived exactly as we agreed. She speaks English very well. So there was no problem with communication. In "Casa Particulare" they rarely speak English. He was very helpful with the translations. It was possible to talk with the locals about everything.
He told us a lot about the lifestyle in Cuba, advised us what else to look at. He did not look at our own benefit but our needs and that we were at our disposal at all times. We were 4 adults and completely comfortable driving all over Cuba. Its a Chevy 51, nice blue colors on the outside, and inside it looks like it was made a few years ago. Automatic transmission, efficient air conditioning, phone charger, everything you need for a comfortable ride.
Thanks again Alex for unique journey and kindness, but maybe We'll see you later - my friend. Anyone who wants a pleasant experience and a good driver on Cuba, would be advised to connect with Alex or his brother.

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Mae & Denny from Canada

Written on 6 March, 2020

We met Lewys through a mutual friend, so glad we found him .He showed us around Havana, all the beautiful sites and history of the city as well as an amazing lunch, we had so much fun we decided to meet up with him again for another day together, he treated us like family, he made our trip! We will be sure to contact Lewys again on the next trip .Extra thanks to Lazaro for helping with the driving..

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Cheyenne, Suzanne, Marcia

Written on 6 March, 2020

Raul was so fantastic, we could not have asked for a better experience! He was so friendly and told us all about Cuba, giving us lots of information and suggestions on lesser known places to stop. He hunted us down a bathroom when we were desperate and was patient when we needed to stop and eat, despite him having to make the long trip home after dropping us off.
He kept up a great mood on a very long and unexpectedly difficult drive; none of us knew how terrible the road conditions would be on his car going up the mountain to Santo Domingo, but he never once complained and was still smiling when we finally made it.
He patiently answered a ton of questions about anything and everything, always smiling and openhearted. We loved him so much we contacted him later in our trip and he even tried moving his other commitments to try to accommodate us. Would whole heartedly recommend Raul! You should try booking him for your entire trip if possible, we would have preferred to have him as our only driver the entire time.

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Cheyenne, Suzanne, Marcia

Written on 6 March, 2020

Daniel was amazing! He was very friendly, patient, and kept up great spirits on a very long drive. He knew where to stop when we needed bathroom and snacks breaks, and was kind and generous in all our interactions. He was very open to answering any and all questions we had about Cuba. He was even helpful before and after we drove with him, asking our flight number to make sure he was waiting for us at the airport at the correct time and helping us find places to exchange money, even when we were in a different city. We loved him so much we contacted him later in our trip to drive us again, and even though he was not available he connected us with his friend, who was wonderful as well. Would definitely recommend Daniel and you should try booking him for your entire trip if possible, we would have loved to have him as our only driver the entire time.

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Aline from France

Written on 1 March, 2020

HUMBERTO is a very good driver, he's like a friend, he's always smiling, joking,
He advises about restaurants , places to see etc. He is very attentive.
It was a very nice trip thanks to him.
His car is clean, confortable, nice.
I thank him very much
Aline (Philippe Catherine et Dalila)

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Robyn Collins from Australia

Written on 22 February, 2020

Four of us travelled with Roberto for nine days in January/February 2020 from Havana, Vinales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Camaguey and returning to Havana.

I started communicating with Roberto via email and then WhatsApp a few months before our trip. It was relatively simple to make the decision to settle on him as our driver for the trip as he packaged together his price and our itinerary much more simply than his competitors, his English was good, his response times were excellent and we were able to settle on an itinerary quite quickly. Also, his price point was competitive.

Just prior to our arrival, Roberto sorted out a couple of communication issues we had with our AirBnb landlady. I especially appreciated this as the situation with her was becoming quite stressful for me and, with Roberto’s help, our trip became something to look forward to and not something to stress over.

Five people in a car for nine days in Cuba could either be the one of most fantastic experiences of your life or it could feel like eight years of hell. With Roberto, it was the former.

First and foremost, he’s an experienced driver. He has been driving for 10 years and knows the roads, the towns, and where to stop for a coffee, lunch and which loos are okay. He’s focussed and pays attention to what is going on around him.

He was willing to share but not over share. We learned a lot about Cuba from him and we were appreciative of that. He was happy to answer our questions but also knew to respect our silence when four tired and sapped Australians just wanted to drive in silence and appreciate the wonderful scenery.

I would travel with Roberto again because of his sense of humour. It was refreshing and relatable. There was quite an age difference between us - our party of four was older - - but none of us felt it.

Roberto never hurried us when we took our time sightseeing or dining. Our itinerary changed en route due to a problem with a hotel booking and he was flexible with that, also assisting us by changing arrangements.

The car is a ‘56 Chevy and is showing some wear. However, it ran perfectly for the entire nine days.

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Lilya P. from USA

Written on 20 February, 2020

Dr. Lazaro and his wife, Milagro were great! I had the great pleasure of having two rides with them during my trip in Cuba. Both trips were exceptional! They are great people! They are excellent drivers. I felt safe and in good hands! It was a nice experience to be able to also get a local and more personable insight about Cuba and its people! I highly recommend them for any transfer, ride all over Cuba. Thank you both and best regards!

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Hector and Barbara Garcia from US

Written on 15 February, 2020

We had the good fortune of finding Raymel when he responded to our request for a driver to Viñales Valley from Havana. Our trip was on February 5, 2020, and it was the highlight of our 10-day stay in Cuba. Raymel promptly picked us up at our casa particular in Vedado as scheduled (actually he was 15 minutes early). It was my husband, myself, and our 2 adult sons. Raymel quickly became like a part of the family as we drove off for the day to Viñales. We did not have an itinerary, although we knew we wanted to take the boat through the caves, see a tobacco farm and take in the views of the mountains and valleys.
Raymel knew exactly how to cater to our interests when he took us first to a magnificent overlook near the Jazmines Hotel, then to a tobacco farm where we had a tour and demonstration of cigar rolling and a sample to smoke. We declined the horseback riding tour through the coffee farm due to the amount of time it would take. Next, Raymel took us to his family farm where his 73 year old father escorted our two sons on a hike up to the top of a very steep and high mogotes. My husband and I stayed at the bottom with Raymel and toured the farm while they hiked. Our sons were absolutely amazed by this unexpected segment of the day, climbing to the top and taking in the beauty of the mountains and valleys around them. Next, we had a much deserved lunch at a family paladar which was outstanding. We were served a buffet of a large variety of Cuban food, too many to list, which was delicious! Following that, Raymel drove us to the Caves of el Indio where we took a boat ride through the caves for an amazing experience. Next we were on to a Canopy Zip-line experience which was also amazing. Lastly, Raymel drove us to the famous mural painting on the side of a mountain which we viewed from the entrance, as we were running out of time. On the way back, Raymel drove us through the town of Viñales where we also took a walk and bought souvenirs, and then a ride through the town of Pinar del Rio on the way back to Havana. So much in one day!
Raymel’s rate was very reasonable and the extra activities were separate costs paid to the individual venues but also very reasonable. We highly recommend Raymel for this trip or any other day trip you want to take. We hated to say goodbye, as Raymel became such a close companion and magnificent driver and guide.

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Jim from United States

Written on 13 February, 2020

While we did not actually meet Dariel himself, he arranged a car and outstanding driver for our roundtrip from Havana to Trinidad and later our transfer from Havana to the airport. Dariel was great to work with - very responsive every step of the process and comprehensive in his attention to detail and delivery of the services agreed at a good price. Our expert driver Abelino was a lovely guy and although my limited Spanish made conversation difficult, we came away feeling that we had made a brilliant choice in picking Dariel to organize our travel in Cuba. Highly recommended!

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Miha & Tea from Slovenia

Written on 7 February, 2020

We had a two day trip with Liorge - Havana to Vinales and then he dropped us of in Varadero.
We were really satisfied with his service. He was on time and always tried to fulfill our requests. He arranged everything in Vinales so we didnt have to worry about anything and also shown us some hidden spots.
His car is a classic Chevy '52 and we had a trully Cuban experience riding with it. He is an experienced driver and the car vas very clean and comfortable.
He was also very good company and we had fun talking with him. Overall we had an awesome time and would recommend him as your driver for Cuban travels.

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Denitsa & Danail from Bulgaria

Written on 30 January, 2020

If you want a great trip, with classic American car and perfect guide, then Liorge & Marylin are your people! The car was absolutely amazing - 1952 Chevy - super comfortable and very clean. We made a day trip to Vinales Valley. We felt 100% safe in Liorge capable hands, he is an excellent driver. The music in the car was very nice, and actually after we arrived back home and showed some videos from the trip, our parent recognized Yordanka Hristova singing in background :). Marylin - our guide - native English speaker, which I can assure you was fantastic as we communicated free in all kind of topics. She knows Vinales and the region very well and I am pretty sure she had knowledge for the whole island. If we had more time to travel around Cuba it would've definitely been with Liorge & Marylin.
Stay as positive as in the time we met you. It was a real pleasure for us to spend the day with you and we wish you all the best! And who knows, we may decide to visit Cuba in next years and see each other again. Meanwhile you are more than welcome to visit us in Bulgaria :)
Thank you again Liorge & Marylin!

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Philip and Kathryn Burke from Australia

Written on 26 January, 2020

Victor was so professional in working out our itinerary of 11 days. He had a can do attitude and spoke excellent English. I felt at easy from our first conversation.
Phil and I had a fantastic time in Cuba as a direct result of Victor and Alex, the driver.
We feel so grateful for the amazing memories that Victor and Alex created in this beautiful country.
We encourage our American and Australian friends to experience Cuba with Victor and Alex because they took care of every detail and made a personalised holiday for us.
Every day they crafted interesting, exciting, and fun times. The very best tour guide we have ever had in traveling the world.
I truely felt so sad saying goodbye as they made us feel like family and created the best time for us in every way! ????
Thanks Victor for the memories in November 2019, we will always be grateful.??

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Catherine Parino from Switzerland

Written on 16 January, 2020

Paco and his son are very reliable drivers. Always on time, looking out for their passengers and making sure you are happy enjoying the ride. I would definitely recommend them to anyone visiting Cuba.

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Riccardo, Catherine and Susi from Switzerland

Written on 6 January, 2020

Paco and Frank were our drivers during our 10 day journey in Cuba. We discovered two very responsible and gentle persons. They were very safe drivers, always trying their best to adjust to our demands; the car is air-conditioned so we had a cool journey without mentioning Frank great music playlist.
We can only recommend their services-

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Farrukh from London, U.K.

Written on 5 January, 2020

Thanks a lot to Roberto. We spent a great time in Cuba. An amazing country with amazing people, and lots of vintage cars.

Roberto is a very friendly and extremely helpful person. As he spoke English it made our life much easier. He helped us to organise our trip to Varadero and Vinales. He is very organised and punctual with time.

Definitely recommend to others.

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Matthew & Julie from Malta

Written on 5 January, 2020

We have travelled Cuba over 10 days and booked Yoan's services for the whole stay to drive us between the different towns and experiences. We must say that Yoan has been exceptional at his work and has always aimed at surpassing expectations. He has not only been a punctual driver, but also helped in planning days, taking us to unique (not known) locations, try local cuisine, and act as a guide.
His passion and love towards his work and country make him a definite must if you require such services!

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  Yoan Alvarez replied on 6 January, 2020

The country Malta is one, if someone travels there and sees these guys, please give a hug from me. I thank you for your friendship, I will be here for your return. With them I learned what a strong friendship with privacy is. My respects and greetings.

Jorge Gonzalez from USA

Written on 4 January, 2020

Riding with Daniel was a great experience. Very knowledgeable of all the locations i needed to go to and was very helpful with advice on things that I needed when I arrived in Havana, Cuba. In the future I will be contacting Daniel for all my taxi needs.

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Alistair and Veronika from GB

Written on 3 January, 2020

We had a great time in Cuba. We met Daniel and Alexis at the airport as we had arranged. We had planned several transfers for our trip which Daniel organised for us. We found their service to be very reliable and Alexis, who was our driver, was an excellent safe driver and also shared his knowledge of the beautiful country. Daniel was very quick to respond to any message and flexible in helping us with ad hoc requests in organising activities in Havana. We would certainly contact them again on our next trip.

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Chloé Faustine Medhi from France

Written on 22 December, 2019

We had booked a 14 days trip with Daniel. At the last minute we end up travelling with Alexis under the same conditions agreed with Daniel. We had a great time with Alexis. He was really professional,punctual and helpful. He dropped us everywhere we wanted ( even if the road to go there was terrible). He often droped our luggage into our accommodation while we were enjoying ourself elsewhere and make everything possible to help us. He made all the necessary efforts to understand our approximate Spanish and to share with us his knowledge of the country . He has excellent driving skills and a good car (Toyota) with air conditioning and enough space for our massive suitcases. We fully recommend Alexis to spend a nice and safe trip in Cuba.
Greeting from France
Chloé, Faustine and Medhi

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Marta & José from Germany

Written on 17 December, 2019

Hello everybody

We want to recommend our driver Raymel who drove us from Havana to Viñales and back. He drove very safe and it was e pleasure to know him. Very friendly and happy person and we had a great time together! The conversations with him were very interesting, informative and nice. At the end it was like saying goodbye to a good friend. Thank you for that! Raymel is the best :-)

Best wishes and kind regards

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  Raymel Hernández replied on 17 December, 2019

Muchas gracias por su opinion.Fue un placer atenderlos en esos 2 dias,ojala y muchos clientes sean tan amables y buenas personas como ustedes,espero volverlos a ver en otra ocasion.Felicidades y prospero año nuevo.

Marta Chiara Matteo Marchisio from Italy

Written on 5 November, 2019

Thanks so much, we spend a super great tour in Cuba.
An amazing country with a super good driver, also the car was super.
We think than without Roberto and Mario our trip was not the same. Now they are a friends for all of us.
They have help us for everything, from the casa particulares to go all together in the disco.
I think I can recommend it to everyone.
Thanks a lot and have a nice holiday in Cuba.
Be sure contact Roberto.

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Hannes and Jannis Callisen from US

Written on 29 October, 2019

Excellent. We had the pleasure of visiting Cuba with Yuniel, who not only drove us from place to place but also showed us around the sites in the various cities. In eight days we visited Las Terrazas, Pinar del Rio, Vinales, Cayo Jutias, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. We had special interests in meeting and helping the Cuban people. Yuniel spent extra time to introduce us to meet people. During these days, we traveled and enjoyed the company as a family. THANK YOU very much Yuniel.

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Stine and Jonas from Denmark

Written on 27 October, 2019

We can strongly recommend Roberto.
He has a wide knowledge about the country and can therefore suggest things to see in different areas.
We were travelling with 2 small children (aged 3 and 5). No doubt that Roberto loves children, he played with them and were caring for their safety and needs.

As a person, he is very social and a optimist. Witch is important since your are travelling multiple hours in a car. He likes music and we had a great time listening to Reggaeton that he introduced us for. Beside that, he would do what he can to help you have the best holiday in Cuba.

We are very thankful for Roberto's help, his personality and his experience as a driver. We could not had choose a better driver for our vacation.

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Allyson and Bruce from USA

Written on 18 October, 2019

I had arranged for Jose angel to pick us up at the airport in Havana. He was there on time with a card that had my name on it. I could tell that I was in good hands, Jose Angel spoke English well, we had exchanged our phone information to keep in touch. We were so impressed that we hired him to bring us back, at the end of our trip, for a tour of Havana. Jose arrived at our hotel in a classic car, on time on our last day, And we embarked on a wonderful tour of Havana. Jose Angel picked a great restaurant it was delicious and we had lunch alfresco. We toured important sites in Havana and then Jose Angel brought us to the airport on time. Jose Angel is a person who not only has great knowledge of Cuba but also provides a service that is secure, timely and honest. Our overall experience was excellent I would Recommend Jose Angel Beltrán to any traveler.

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Annie Bray and Dane from United States

Written on 14 October, 2019

Clement was a fantastic tour guide, spoke wonderful english and was on time picking us up. He drove us from Trinidad to Havana, with a stop at Cienfuegos on the way as well as a beach to do a quick scuba dive (Bay of Pigs). The music playlist for the whole ride was also lovely!

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Gii from South Africa

Written on 11 October, 2019

Just close your eyes and hire Jose. He goes out of his way with everything, speaks BRILLIANT English (in relative terms of course) and tells you really interesting stories about Cuba, its history, its people, its economy and its interaction with the world. I used a bunch of drivers in Havana and its surroundings but found no one as fab as Jose. Being able to talk English with him ended up being a HUGE bonus!

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Teresa from United Kingdom

Written on 10 October, 2019

Osvaldo was a fantastic host. I would not have gotten as much out of my trip to Cuba without him; I'm very grateful. I'd definitely recommend booking with Osvaldo to make the most out of a Cuban holiday!

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Janessa from USA

Written on 9 October, 2019

I had the best time in Cuba. My driver to Viñales Yunior was awesome. He is very knowledgeable and shared with me so much history about Cuba. He also took me to the coffee plantation by accident haha but I love it there. He even took amazing pictures of me. He made sure I was comfortable and he also spoke perfect English. If your traveling to Cuba Yunior is the driver for you!!

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