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klaus and Shelle

Written on 30 April, 2019

Lewys is the best! What an awesome car and great driver. Plus 100% on time. We can't wait to come back and do some larger trips. Thank you for a perfect service!

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Christopher Ram from USA

Written on 30 April, 2019

Daniel was great, he picked me up from the airport and drove me around for the entire day. He took me to every spot i wanted to go, and even walked me through the streets of Old Havana.

I would highly recommend

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Ann en Dirk from Belgica

Written on 21 April, 2019

Yusmel is a very nice driver. He was right on time at the meeting poging in Habana and drove us to Vinales. He is a good and save driver. We also met his family, 2 sweet boys and his lovely wife.
Unfortunally he could not do the other trips but he arranged everything for us, so we had another driver to take care of us.
Thanx Yusmel!

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Iva and Erika from Czech Republic

Written on 10 April, 2019

We were in Cuba for 14 days and we traveled from our holiday for half the time. We used the services of Lexy Company and our driver was Liorge. He did not
only show us many of Cuba's beauties, but also made excursions and trips perfectly for us and he took great care of us, was a punctual, nice and great companion! All the time we felt safe and traveling by the amazing 1952 Chevy was an experience in itself! If we ever return to Cuba, we will be happy to use the service again!
Thank you very much Liorge and Lexy :)

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Toni, Anja, Andrea, Josip from Croatia

Written on 7 April, 2019

Johrge is really great driver, easy to make any deak. We went with him on 2 trips: Havana-Trinidad and Trinidad-Varadero, both times he was there on time even 15 minutes before. Really good driver, you can relay on him. Every time we had pause when we want. He doesn't know English very much, but for us that wasn't a problem. I would like to travel whit Jorge again.

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Riccardo Cioni - Alice Primini from Italia

Written on 7 April, 2019

We would like to thank Elmer who made our trip a wonderful experience. Our crazy plan was to see almost everything in Cuba from Vinales to Baracoa in a very limited time frame of 12 days; we managed to do so because Elmer is an excellent driver with perfect knowledge of every single pothole and hump of cuban roads; his car also makes a difference, since it is very strong, yet old-fashioned, and equipped with a powerful engine that makes it suitable for the terrible cuban "carreteras", even that from Moa to Baracoa which is only for the brave. Most of all, Elmer is a very cheerful person, very reliable and always on time, and we also took advantage of his precious advice and help for accommodation. If you want to waste your time self-driving and trying to find your way to the next place, feel free, but as far as I'm concerned I'm fully satisfied with Elmer's services which in the end costed only a little bit more than a rental car.

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Sascha & Uli from Germany

Written on 2 April, 2019

Sandor was an amazing driver during our 2-week trip in early 2019. We went on a round trip spanning Havanna, Vinales, Trinidad and back to Havanna. Sandor was very friendly, accommodating to all of our wishes, patient, reliable and always on time. We loved how flexible he was, which enabled us to plan our trip exactly how we wanted it - Sandor was always there for us. We can 100% recommend Sandor for your trip!

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Sue & Alf Boyes from England Dorset

Written on 30 March, 2019

Had an amazing tour with Daniel. We covered 2500km from Varadeo to Gardulavaca. Daniel arranged for us to stay in local family run casa's.Which gave us an insight into the real Cuban life.
We did a 16 day tour: Havana, Vinales, Cienfuego, Trinidad, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa.
Daniel is a lovely friendly guy that will go out of his way to please.
The country itself is very interesting and diverse. The people are friendly and always have a smile to welcome you. Away from Havana the scenery is ever changing. We swam in rivers. Chilled off in waterfalls. Went horse riding. Hired bikes and cycled 25km. Even had a picnic on a lake. All arranged by Daniel.
Had an amazing time and learnt a lot about the country, that is lost if you just stay in an all inclusive at a big resort.
We are a couple in our 60s and had an amazing adventure.
Thank you Daniel

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Barnaby, Ron, Betsy and Jon from United States of America

Written on 25 March, 2019

Juan is fantastic! We hired him to visit Viñales and Pinar del Rio for an overnight trip. We had a focus on tobacco. Juan was a great communicator and super-prompt. He knows the areas like the back of his hand and, even though I had done a ton of research, he introduced us to some places I didn't know about. The 1953 Chevy station wagon he drives is a real class, but it's also been upgraded to include air conditioning and has a newer Toyota motor/transmission, so it's very reliable. The car has room for 8 passengers, which made it nice and roomy for the four of us on this longer road trip. It was also great getting to know Juan and learning more about Cuba from him. I highly recommend Juan!

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Walter Soldati from Italy

Written on 25 March, 2019

Lexy is fantastic and professional driver and also a perfect trip friend.I Advise to choose him and Yo te Llevo for your tour in Cuba. App the best.

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Selena from Italia

Written on 18 March, 2019

Juan was very kind and punctual, we had an enjoyable and safe trip. Funny questions which created good atmosphere. I would definitely recommend him!

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Ben from United States

Written on 16 March, 2019

Raidel was an excellent driver. He was waiting at the airport for us when we arrived. His classic car is beautiful and he made us all feel very welcome. I recommend Raidel and Ana to anyone visiting Cuba that needs transportation.

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Selena from Italy

Written on 16 March, 2019

We had amazing trips!
They was very friendly and usefull. Marylin was a great guide and we had a lot of fun time!
They offer a very special service
eveyone who visit Cuba should use it!
Thanks again!

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André and Anastasia from Portugal and Greece

Written on 14 March, 2019

We hired Jorge for 2 trips: La Habana-Trinidad and Trinidad-Varadero. Jorge is a very good and experienced driver and we were very happy with his driving skills, always felt completely safe. Very honest and reliable as in both trips he was ready to pick us up 30
Minutes before time scheduled. We had a great time with Jorge, great conversation and he was even so kind to invite us to his home to make a few calls when we had to book a place to stay in Trinidad.
Couldn’t recommend more! You’ll be in great hands.

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Jullisa Comenencia from Bahamas

Written on 12 March, 2019

Pedro drove us from Havana to the city of Pinar del Rio and then took us for a tour of Viñales. Pedro was an on time, safe driver and adapted to our wishes and needs. The car is well maintained and comfortable with an AC that works well. I highly recommend Pedro. /

Pedro nos llevo de Habana a la cuidad de Pinar del Rio y luego nos llevo a un tour de Viñales. Pedro fue puntual y un conductor seguro y responsable y que se adapto a lo que queriamos o necesitabamos. El carro esta bien mantenido y es comfortable con el aire que funciona bien. Recomiendo mucho a Pedro.

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William, Linda, Tom and Linda from United States

Written on 9 March, 2019

Lexy was there to greet us at Jose Marti airport when we arrived in Cuba. Then onto Soroa. We felt safe with him at the wheel of his '52 Pontiac. He also picked us up for our trip to Vinales. Very reliable, friendly and informative. AC worked well.
We would use Lexy again for our next trip as a reliable driver to get us to our destinations at a fare price. Thanks again!

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Written on 7 March, 2019

Clement is a great guy and a wonderful source of information about his beautiful and unique country. I look forward to using his service the next time I visit Cuba I would hire him for multiple days if possible. English and French were no problem for him as my Spanish is very bad.Thanks again for the ride.

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Written on 1 March, 2019

Our 4 day trip to havana cuba on february 2019 with Sandor Castellanos, of YO TE LLEVO, Was excellent. Sandor did a great job suggesting restaurants. The food was excellent in all of them. My Havana memories are the music, architecture, history and culture of Cuba and friendliness and pride of the Cuban
people far exceeds our expectations. I higly recommend Sandor Castellanos Driver of Yo Te LLevo! Very respectful and Professional, allways on time.... .Alexis Bernal

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David Martin from USA

Written on 1 March, 2019

We had a great trip to Viñales with Lexy. Marylin came along as a guide and speaks perfect English. They were on time and very accommodating about the itinerary we wanted.

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Clara from Hong Kong

Written on 1 March, 2019

We were so glad to have found Eduardo! He was very responsive in his reply on the platform. We exchanged whatsapp number ahead of time and he proactively messaged me a couple of days before i arrive to confirm all the details. He is excellent in English. I felt very comfortable already that we will be well taken care of.

We have booked Eduardo to pick us up from HAV airport and then for 2 days to Trinidad and 1 day to Vinales.
Unfortunately, on the day to Trinidad, Eduardo's car had broken down before arriving. He has arranged his father Eduardo Sr to take us instead.

Edwardo Sr was a great guy. He is a great driver, responsible and safe. Although we could only converse on our basic Spanish, but we felt good with him. We had an incident where we couldn't find our hotel on the way back to HAV. We had the wrong address and was not able to find the correct address without internet connection. He went extra miles to stop and asked many people on the way and even parked the car and walked around few blocks with me to try to find our casa. We were super grateful for his determination and persistent.

Eduardo jr took us to Vinales on the last day. He was able to explain to us a lot about Cuban life, he is more than a driver to us. He is actually our tour guide! He took us to a nice place for lunch away from the other tourists. We went to a cigar farm and a coffee farm also away from the mass tourist and we enjoyed ourselves a lot!

Thank you to both Eduardo Sr and Eduardo Jr for their hospitality and really glad to know you both as a friend. Wish to see you again soon!

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Oksana & Renè Arensman from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Written on 27 February, 2019

We have done 2 long transfers with Jorge and are very happy that we have chosen for him !! :)
What a beautiful person !! And a good driver !!
Someone who really cares for you!
We have remained good friends !! <3
And his car is in prime condition !!

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Sara S from United States

Written on 26 February, 2019

Raidel and Ana are the best!! I wholeheartedly recommend booking all your transportation needs with them. Raidel is a great driver with a fabulous, old school car and Ana is the sweetest.

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Lily and Rick Schatz from United States

Written on 20 February, 2019

Jorge Luis was an outstanding driver. He was very kind, punctual and pleasant. He was very attentive and catered to our requests and needs. My husband and I booked him twice on our trip to Cuba and are extremely satisfied with the service her rendered. Thank you, Jorge Luis!

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Andrea, Simone, Leonardo, Alessandro, Stefano from Italia

Written on 11 February, 2019

Our trip with Eduardo was amazing! He picked up us at the airport and for two weeks traveled with us in Havana, Vinales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Moron, Remedios, Santa Clara, and Varadero. He is a very good driver, prudent and punctual, and his car was very confortable also for long distances. He also is an excellent guide and booked for us very good casa particulares during our stay and suggest us some good restaurant. He gives tips and tricks for every city and for every thing we would like to see, so he was much more than a taxi driver.

We are very happy to have chosen Eduardo because we have saved looot of time, we have had a better experience than we ll expected, in the end of the week we have had also more time to visit other cities ( like moron or remedios, not in our initial program) or going to beach. Thank you Eduardo, gracias!

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sheri from USA

Written on 8 February, 2019

Clement was very punctual - we asked to be picked up at 5am in Trinidad, and he lives an hour away - he was there at 4:55am so that's saying a lot!

He also agreed to stop at a rest stop along the way so we could get coffee. We go the airport exactly around the time we expected to (about 4.5 hour drive from Trinidad to Havana).

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Lillian Grand from USA

Written on 4 February, 2019

Making a reservation through this site was easy and convenient. Our driver, Jorge Luis was prompt, reliable and accommodating. Our trip to La Habana from Cienfuegos and back was comfortable and timely. Jorge Luis made our short time in Cuba wonderful.

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Daniele Scaccabarozzi from Italy

Written on 27 January, 2019

Sandor was always on time, available to adjust the trip to our needs. Very nice and reliable guy, we recommend him!! Great music in the car and nice chats.
He also brought us to local diners, where proper cuban food was served with cuban price as well. He brought us safely around the whole island.
Thank you Sandor!

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Rob Hudson and family from UK

Written on 27 January, 2019

We had an amazing four days touring Cuba. The car was probably the most beautiful classic car on the roads !!! It was well kept, comfortable and felt safe. Jorje, our driver, was friendly and thoughtful. He made sure we stopped frequently on long drives at a variety of beautiful places and interesting towns. He was very knowledgeable and gave us lots of interesting information about Cuba and the places we visited. Hiring a driver and this classic car was an unforgettable experience and probably the best way to experience the country of Cuba.

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Helen & Adam Apperley from United Kingdom

Written on 25 January, 2019

José was a fantastic host and guide for the day. We had a long day planned and he was friendly and upbeat, chatty and knowledgeable throughout. We would 100% recommend his services. Thank you again José!!

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Urs from Suiza

Written on 20 January, 2019

Víctor is a very reliable driver, always on time, drives carefully and I highly recommend him to anyone. Gracias y saludos Urs

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