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Joyce Whitby, Tom Whitby, Tess Whitby, Marissa Whitby from United States

Written on 26 September, 2017

Our trip to Cuba in January 2017 was totally amazing - mostly because of our amazing driver and guide Sandor Castellano. If you want more than just a ride, contact Sandor. He went beyond a driver and really listened to what we wanted to do... He brought us to great affordable restaurants where only real Cubans eat. He brought us to historical places so we could learn. He brought us out into the countryside where we saw beautiful beaches, rivers and awesome caves where slaves once hid from Spaniards. He brought us downtown Havana for amazing jazz and authentic Cuban music. Our family vacation started out to be one of finding our roots as Cuban Americans on a first trip to Cuba, it turned out to be one where we made a lifelong friend in Sandor. We learned so much and can't wait to come back. No doubt in our mind we will call Sandor to guide us back.

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Emily, Doris, Manny, Yolanda, Yokaty from USA

Written on 19 September, 2017

Our experience with Erislandys was amazing. He was a great help guiding us to different places that we didn't know of and each restaurant he recommended was delicious. He was informative, and so fun to have around. We highly recommend him and next time we visit Cuba no doubt we will contact him. Thank you Eris for your company, our stay in Cuba was great thanks to you.

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Lori, Erin & Shannon from US

Written on 13 September, 2017

Clement was fantastic. He was waiting for us at the Havana airport, holding a sign with my name on it. We took off for Trinidad on a very comfortable 4.5 hour ride. He was happy to stop when we needed and even took us for a spin through his hometown of Cienfuegos, showing us the highlights. He was personable and chatted with us as much as we wanted, exchanging thoughts about Cuban and American life. He stopped at a roadside stand to eat mangos that had been picked minutes ago from nearby trees. Best mango I've ever had!

I had no problems with the online booking system and recommend to anyone who needs to solidify transportation before arriving in Cuba.

Thanks for the safe and fun ride, Clement!

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Diego, Jasper, Martijn, Bas, Jorn from Netherlands

Written on 7 September, 2017

The best driver I ever experienced. Thankful, makes everything possible for his guests. I keep in contact with Elmer. Awesome guy!

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Victor Andre from Canada

Written on 29 August, 2017

Frank was a very personable driver and was very accommodating to our needs. We requested that Frank pick us up at our Varadero resort at the specified time and take us to Havana. Frank's taxi has a good working A/C, which was a blessing. Along the way Frank suggested we stop at a popular viewing area in the Matanzas area. We discussed sites to see in Havana and Frank took us to all the popular locations and waited for us to finish our tours. We booked Frank for 5 hours and he took us to our casa particular to complete the day. Unfortunately my son had an illness and we could not stay the night. We called Frank and asked if he could take us back to Varadero on short notice and he accommodated us immediately by picking us up and taking us back to our resort. I would whole heartedly recommend Frank.

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Jonathan from USA

Written on 28 August, 2017

Juan showed up on time and was extremely friendly and helpful. He chatted with my teenage daughters and did a great job lightening them up and reducing their travel-stress! I would definitely use Juan again. This whole experience of booking before we traveled was helpful in cementing this deal ahead of time - great service!

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Birgt from AUSTRIA

Written on 24 August, 2017

Osvaldo drove more than 3 weeks and over 3000 Kilometer across the country. We Had a very good time, Osvaldo is a very save driver, speaks very good english and a very nice and kind person. We were very happy that Osvaldo was with us.

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Susan Robinson from USA

Written on 20 August, 2017

Osmany was punctual, cordial and very knowledgeable about the city. My stay was made stress-free knowing that I had and assured way of getting around Havana. He was familiar with the city and used his GPS when needed. I would highly recommend his services to any traveler to Havana. Though no fault of his own, I had trouble sending my picture ahead of time for some reason. Perhaps the technology I use is not compatible with his. In any case, we found one another. Osmany also formed a relationship with my Airbnb host who was able to call him with any questions I had. Additionally, we're changes to the schedule took place, Osmany was flexible. Thank you for your service.

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Samantha and Daniel from USA

Written on 4 August, 2017

Ronald is amazing ! He made our experience wonderful ! Very personable and accomadating ! Highly recommended !

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Jashmin and Henna

Written on 4 August, 2017

My cousin Amar and his wife Amee had recommended Ricardo for our trip to Cuba. The very first day we met him, I had told him that Amar was my cousin and he got very happy! The rest of the trip was great as well! We loved the stories he told us about his travels and his upbringing. He was very fun and always smiling. On our last day in Cuba, I was feeling a little fatigued and he took one look at me and said I'm going to take you somewhere. He took us to Hotel Sevilla and he bought me some coffee to wake myself up. I definitely needed it because my friend and I danced and played some instruments with the live band at the hotel. I'd say it was the perfect ending to our amazing trip! We'll definitely use Ricardo again in the future!

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Alisha Taylorand Erik Bishop from USA

Written on 30 July, 2017

Diego was a safe, responsible, kind, patient, intelligent driver. He was far and away the best driver we had during our 2 weeks in Cuba. He was willing to customize a route between Havana and Viñales for us so I could visit the town where my mother was born. He was kind of enough to help us communicate with people in the town to help us find a family member whom I had never met. His car is the nicest we encountered in all of Cuba - a newer modern Volkswagen that was accommodating and safe, which was very important to us for the safety of our 6 year old son. We feel so fortunate to have had him as our driver and highly, highly recommend his services! Him and his wife also rent to guests in Havana as well.

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Alex & Nina from United States

Written on 30 June, 2017

Elmer is a friend we made for life. He is truly an amaZing person with a beautiful soul. He was very open minded during our trip and ALWAYS did everything in his way to make us happy during the week we spent together. He always put us first and brought us to the coolest places, he was also open to recommendation. He planned most of our trip when we told him what areas we wanted to go to. He wasn't hesitant to fit a lot in and cover a lot of ground in a short period of time.

I wish I could've taken him home in my suitcase.

You will not regret choosing Elmer as your driver.

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Sophie Marc-Martin from Cuba

Written on 12 May, 2017

A great experience. Diego is a reliable driver who was available and sometimes waited several hours while we visited or took pictures. His car is in perfect condition, clean. He is really there for us and understands what we want to visit.
Thank you Diego and can be with you soon

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Alessandro from Italia

Written on 5 May, 2017

Osvaldo is a nice chauffeur. His car is a very old style car furnished with all the amenities for a good and comfortable trip. He knows a lot about all the best places in Cuba and can make the difference in your vacation in Cuba. Choose him and you will have one of the best experience in the beautiful Cuba!

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Manny Serrano from United States

Written on 24 April, 2017

Diego took me and a bunch of friends to Vinales, and it was incredible. He was knowledgeable on where we were going to and took us to this amazing restaurant called Finca. I highly recommend using him as a driver.

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Apostol Apostolov from Bulgaria

Written on 19 April, 2017

Me and my wife have booked a taxi service of Clement from Trinidad to Cayo Guillermo on 6-th of april. Honestly, Clement is very good and attentive driver. He is not only a driver, he was our guide. He told us a lot about the life in Cuba. He stopped everywhere we wanted to make a picture. As well, he showed us many interesting places during our jurney. He is very clever and intelligent person and he made our jurney so exciting and funny. We strongly recommend his service. Thanks a lot Clement!!! We are sure We'll see you again!!! Good luck!!

best regards
Apostol and Daniela

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Amar & Amee Patel from USA

Written on 18 April, 2017

Ricardo was the best driver we could ask for! He was patient, accommodating, clean and AC controlled vehicle, and a very safe driver. We became friends with Ricardo instantly and we can't see ourselves hiring anyone else in the future but him! Ricardo was an excellent guide, spoke very good English, and we enjoyed taking him out for coffee and learning from a local. Ricardo's rates are very reasonable, so please make sure you tip him extra well because he goes the extra mile to ensure you have a pleasant and safe time in Cuba. We love you "Ricky" Ricardo! - Amar & Amee

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Fred from United States

Written on 5 April, 2017

Juan is a great driver - he shows up on time, has solid English skills, and was very accomodating. His car seats 8 people fairly comfortably.

I highly recommend Juan.

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Taha Ramazanoglu from USA

Written on 4 April, 2017

Juan was an amazing driver and his car was very comfortable, even when we were 7 people. We were blasting music through the Bluetooth interface and Juan made the trips even better by stopping at phenomenal vista points. Would definitely recommend him!

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Penny and Dave from UK

Written on 29 March, 2017

We had a superb time in Cuba and our 9 days with Erio driving us in 'The Beast' were great. He is a good driver and mechanic as well as being hardworking, warm and generous, there was nothing that was too much trouble. It always adds to a journey to travel with a good soul and that is how we felt with Erio.
Many thanks
Penny and Dave

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Xena and Juan

Written on 22 March, 2017

We hired Ricardo for 5 days while traveling in Cuba with our 3 year old daughter. He communicated quickly and efficiently with us before the trip. During the trip he accommodated all of our requests- including unplanned stops that always happen when you travel with a little one! Not only was he a safe and courteous driver, but he was also an important part of our Cuban experience. He shared stories with us about his life in Cuba and about the revolution. He is very passionate about Cuba- and we listened intently- choosing not to debate but rather appreciate his insights. This made our experience more authentic and something we will always treasure.

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Joshua Meindertsma and Sharon from United States

Written on 21 March, 2017

Simply put, Juan Carlos was a spectacular driver and an even better person! I took my mother on a trip to Cuba and we both agreed that Cuba is an amazing place and was made even better with the help of Juan Carlos. A super clean car, always showed up on time and with a great attitude and love for his profession. It made us feel relaxed and at ease on vacation. I would easily book him again and I encourage anyone who is reading this and thinking about a driver, to seriously consider him when making a decision. You won't be disappointed!

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Evgeniya and Victor from Russia

Written on 18 March, 2017

Despite the fact that we gave him not an exact address, Juan Carlos found us exactly at the appointed time, not being late for a minute. He is a good driver. There was an air conditioning in the car, so the hot ?uban climate is not i not terrible in the car. He is a nice and kindly guide, always gave a maximum of interesting information. Juan Carlos accompanied us on a trip to Viñales in February 2017 and became not just our guide, but also a friend. Thanks to him we saw and visited all the most beautiful and interesting places. Juan Carlos is our best new friend in Cuba ))

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Nicola from italy

Written on 13 March, 2017

great experience with a fantastic driver, Roberto, he's been very reliable and always available for any our request, he's got a confortable vintage car and had a safety guide for all the tour, from Havana to Santiago. Advisable!!! nice trip, I enjoied Cuba

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Jeremy from Spain

Written on 28 February, 2017

We traveled with Clement on 2 different occasions during our travel to Cuba in February 2017.
We were 4 persons (2 adults + 2 children).
Extremely nice person. He gave us some good views on the life in Cuba.

good driving... Definitely recommendable

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Catherine Nguyen and Steve Le from Vietnam

Written on 14 February, 2017

My family's trip were very happy and interesting with Osvaldo driver. Mr. Osvaldo very enthusiastic, careful, punctual journey throughout our 6 days in Cuba. His car very nice, large enough for us and 6 luggages. His driving skills are very good. He is very kindly to help us from finding good restaurants, places, buy souvenirs with chip price, buy cigar ... His English is very well to communicate with us.

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Joel & Sally from USA

Written on 8 February, 2017

Jorge Luis drove us from Havana to Trinidad in his well-maintained Seat, with stops for sightseeing and lunch in Cienfuegos, his home town. He arrived a few minutes early at our casa particular in Havana; we loaded the luggage and were off. His English is about as limited as our Spanish, but we managed to communicate satisfactorily. He adhered strictly to the speed limits, and waited patiently while we visited several buildings in Cienfuegos and searched for our desired restaurant in an out-of-the-way location on the waterfront. On arriving in Trinidad, he negotiated the appropriate "tip" that would let us into the closed-off streets of the old town, where our casa was located. Very professional driver, highly recommended.

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Alan Dowie and family from United Kingdom

Written on 6 February, 2017

We used the transport 4 times and it was faultless.

I was worried on arrival if we would get all our cases in the vehicle, but the Toyota had plenty of space and when the rain shower came on, Lois stopped and covered the cases with black bags.

We had a great time in Cuba and would love to come back. Once again thanks to you and your drivers for the help and time in Cuba.

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Matthias & Lieselot from Belgium

Written on 6 February, 2017

This trip with Osvaldo was the best choice we ever made. Osvaldo is a normal, honest and friendly guy who, after two weeks, became a friend. He can help you with almost everything (hey, it's cuba!) going from a place to stay, a place to have a nice dinner to the best diving sites in the whole of Cuba. If you hire him, you will not regret it!

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Jaimi Cyrus

Written on 3 February, 2017

My family had a great experience in Cuba, I just wish that I could have joined them and that the trip had been longer. One week is not enough time in such an interesting country!

I have been telling everyone about yotellevocuba, which I think is a great example of entrepreneurial spirit and an extremely valuable service. Fidel was absolutely first-rate in his communication with me, organization and I appreciated his initiative in checking on what else he could do to make the visit great (overnight accomodation, activities/sites, etc). The driver Hector was friendly, helpful and overall my family was happy with him. His english was limited and it was disappointing to not be able to converse more easily with him - they would have loved to get more of a local persons' viewpoint, understanding of the culture, etc. I told my husband that they should have learned spanish.. :)

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