The YoTeLlevo Classics: cars and drivers you might like to hire in Cuba

Few words and lots of images post here. These are some of the drivers and cars you could hire at YoTeLlevo. This time we showcase the classics because we know that’s what you prefer :) Get inspired!

Alejandro and his classic car

Ramsés and his classic car

Manuel and his classic car

Pepe and his classic car

Ernesto and his classic car

Reyniel and his classic car

José and his classic car

Ariam and his classic car

Roberto and his classic car

Gabriel and his classic car

Reynaldo and his classic car

Lewys and his classic car

Ignacio and his classic car

Rubén and his classic car

Osvaldo and his classic car

Carlos and his classic car

Amazing huh? Yes, they can go long distances from Havana to Varadero, Trinidad or Viñales. And yes, you can start to get quotes from the drivers right now at our website if you are planning a trip to Cuba.

Moving around the island in one of these cars is one of the things we are sure you will always remember. After all, classic cars are one of Cuba’s classics, right? Enjoy the ride!

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How YoTeLlevo should be translated to English

For a couple weeks I’ve been trying to find a good translation for the phrase YoTeLlevo.

YoTeLlevo (Yo te llevo) is the name of the business I’m building along with my brother and a friend. It is a service that connects travelers who need transportation in Cuba with independent drivers with a car who live in the island. The drivers will quote the travelers with prices and the travelers decide which driver to hire.

The more accurate translation of YoTeLlevo is I will take you, which obviously resembles a reply from one driver.

I know, the name I chose for the brand was not the wisest: it is very difficult to pronounce for English speakers (or for anyone?) and it actually doesn’t seem to relate to what the service is about -it makes more sense for Spanish speakers, though.

Anyway, I have to live with it now but I feel I need a nice English translation for the name.

So far I’ve been translating YoTeLlevo as I will take you there or I can take you there or Let me take you there, because those are the direct translations from Spanish to English. Either way, I felt like those were more service-centered names than customer-centered ones. I needed to find something that made our customers feel like superheroes, that our service would make them better.

I know making the customer quickly feel they are better along with the service is the job of the pitch phrase, but if you really care about making your business appealing to the customers, you have to take EVERYTHING to the extreme. So, besides finding a superheroe magical possion-like pitch phrase, I wanted the translation to the name itself to reflect the same spirit, that we can solve your problem.

It hit me the other day. It literally hit me, because I saw somewhere the first two words of what would become the English translation of YoTeLlevo from now on. The words were: go there.

Those two isolated words made a lot of sense to me, and also looked smooth. They also created a psicological effect in me which urged me to, well, go there.

The rest was straightforward: with me.

Go there with me. That is the new translation. Yo te llevo in Spanish, Go there with me in English. Neat and simple, isn’t it?

What is it so special about those four words? Well, the fact that it is four words instead of five to express the same idea is excuse enough to make it the winner.

But… a blog post about such a small thing?

Well, blog posts don’t always have to be about big things… plus I wanted to make my point on why the English name will be Go there with me instead of the more straightforward I will take you there, even if it is only to build consensus.

Before closing, I’m going to go mention two additional points as to why I prefer this version.

First of, don’t you notice more elegance in these four words? Go there with me.

Compare it to the more self-centered I will take you there. The first is easier, faster to say… fancier even. I would say it makes a better job than the previous ones. It is shorter and stickier, and leaves the self part to the end of the phrase instead of the beginning. Better!

Now think about what the primary goal of a traveler who is looking to hire a driver with a car is. It is not to hire the driver. The primary goal is to GET TO A PLACE, to ‘go there’. Yes, the SOLUTION is to BE TAKEN there by someone, but the GOAL is to ARRIVE in that place.

Hence, Go there with me aligns better with the travelers’ ultimate goal. It lets them know that they will fulfill their wish -go there- by means of using a driver -with me.

Better better better!!!

I’m keeping it.

How we turned one customer review into a feature in our webapp

If you’ve been to Cuba recently and you used YoTeLlevo to find a driver and car to move around, you might be able to recognize at least three of these:


That is because we decided that since you contacted our drivers directly, then you should see their faces as you talk to them via email. That’s why their emails bring a small picture along with what they replied to you, and you see their faces close to their words.

The conversations you establish with our drivers have been working like that for about three months now, and I think it is cool to see the face of the person you are talking to and who can potentially be your driver in the island -or even more than your driver, the first person you meet here.

But I know the face in the emails and a few words arranging a tour or transfer from the airport is not enough to engage with a remote person you don’t even know, so I’ve been thinking for quite some time now about how we could provide a way for the traveler to better know the drivers.

It turns out, I was questioning myself the wrong way. I almost forgot that in spite of the cool feature of meeting the person that is going to be your driver, YoTeLlevo is a driver with car hiring service. Did you notice what I highlighted there? with car. Yes, the car is important too -mind you o_0.

How do I know that? One of our customers let us know in an email after using our service (tldr; read the last paragraph):

paul rogers' review
Image quote created at

Okay, Paul wrote a lot of nice things about our service -and much nicer things about Lois. I thank Paul for that -he also gave permission to use his words as testimonial.

But, did you notice what he said in the last part? It is not a complaint, but a hint on what we should do to improve the service. Paul is pointing us to the next step, and he even provides a use case that shows how important it is for a traveler to know details about the car in case he or she is carrying luggage. In terms of software development, you would say he is providing a very good user story.

Now, Paul is requesting that the drivers describe their vehicles when they respond. I know some already do that; they attach pictures of their cars. Not all do, and those who do it don’t do it all the time because attaching a picture in an email can be costly due to the very slow and unreliable Internet connection we have here.

So in some way, our drivers have been telling us for long that the car is important too. Of course, we are not totally dumb and we knew that the cars are important, but crucial? No, crucial no.

The thing is… it was crucial for Paul. Had he hired a different driver whose car didn’t suit his needs, his words would have been very different.

We should listen to Paul!

Or even better, we should do something about it.

But let us not do it straight. Let’s not ask the drivers to talk about their cars when they respond; the best case scenario of the driver describing the car on his own is when he attaches a picture of the car, but that would be asking too much from them and we would not be making sure it happens all the time.

Instead, let us ask them to send a picture of their cars to us once, and we will create a profile page of each of them showing those pictures. With that, we could simply add a link to the driver’s profile page along with his avatar and his response in the emails. The traveler would have instant access to some pictures of the driver and the car the moment she receives a response. Simple and powerful.

Would that be okay Paul? - I asked Paul in a further email.

That is even better, Martin. Make sure you talk about their proficiency in English too as some travelers might need that.

We certainly will ;) What else would you need?…

So, we quickly put a bunch of pictures of our drivers’ cars together and created profile pages like these of Lois, Roberto, Osvaldo, Rubén, Ernesto or Felipe (and we have more), which you’ll be able to visit as you talk to them  -or right now:

Spoiler alert: The design of the profile pages is not very… well, it is crappy right now, actually. For now it serves a practical purpose only: that you see the driver’s car.

After doing this, it looks straightforward and also weird that we didn’t realize a solution like this before. That’s part of the evolution of every startup, I guess.

This solution is even scalable since everything about our drivers can be added in their profile pages. And the drivers could promote their own profile pages which will generate traffic to us. And travelers could review the driver’s services in their profile pages and leave comments. And… you get the idea.


And that’s pretty much it. That is what I wanted to show you. I know it is not fancy but it is a showcase of what we can do for our customers and how we should listen to them so we can improve ourselves.

I’m now going to tell Paul that not only did his review turn out to be very valuable, but he provided us with material to write this blog post!

5 reasons I’d rather hire a private driver who I already know

Everytime I talk about my startup with a person I have to explain many of my points of view. I have to do it because some of them don’t understand what value YoTeLlevo is really providing, or because they think it is not going to work, or else.

The fact is, we do things differently, but different can be good; this post is to explain just that.

We provide private drivers for tourism

Private drivers for tourism is certainly not a new business in Cuba. The island is flooded with private drivers for tourism. There’s even websites that list those drivers with their contact info and companies that let you make a private driver reservation in advance.

So you have the offline or face to face version of hiring a driver in Cuba once you’re in the island, and the online version, where you book a driver for when you arrive -for a transfer, tour or any ride.

Sure you can find a private driver once you arrive in the island. Many people do it, but I really don’t know how difficult it is, or how reliable. I think it’s better to hire one before you land in the island and make sure you arrange everything well.

You are lucky if you’ve been recommended a driver and given his contact info some time ahead; that would be wonderful! If a friend recommends you a driver that’s because they had an awesome service.

Otherwise you will have to try the online approaches.

What every website in the private driver hiring business have in common is that you don’t contact the drivers directly, but talk to a person that is the middleman and makes the reservation with one of their drivers for you. I’m not saying this is wrong. Actually, these businesses are very successful and have many happy customers!

What I’m saying is that I wanted to try something different this time and get myself out of the drivers’ way and let them be the ones who talk.

It wasn’t an arbitrary decision. It started like that because it just felt right that people arranged their travels with a driver directly, but it also considered a lot of other values this approach would provide for our customers.

I’m writting this post to mention some of those values.

Direct contact

First of, there is the appealing feature of contacting the person that is going to be your driver. It is not the same if I did all the arrangements and talkings with you, then called an available driver and made the reservation. This way you’d get a driver that shows up out of the blue, without having a grasp of your needs. Wouldn’t you like to have talked to this driver first? Having a person who already knows your name and have introduced to you pick you up at the airport is something nice -at least this will not happen :)

The magic can emerge when you discover that these drivers might happen to be interesting people, who have university degrees, or know all about fishing, or own a restaurant or have amazing ideas about traveling itself. Heck you can chat about anything with them prior to your arrival!

As you do that, you might as well discover that one thing our drivers can do for you is be your guide. I mean, not as in a professional tourism guide -though you might just stumble across with one- but as in they know Cuba very well and can show you around and answer many of your questions.


Hiring a private driver in Cuba sometimes is about evaluating options. Not all of the drivers charge the same. The prices might depend on their particular costs to do the trip -gas might cost differently to them- or the type and comfort of the car; or simply it’s the driver’s personal fare, just because.

So why not have options? Why not contact more than one person and see what is the best offer? That’s different to contacting the middleman, where you’d have to negotiate based on one option only.

In YoTeLlevo you contact up to three drivers.

At this point I’m going to spam you with some pictures of our drivers.

Alexis and his car

Fidel at the airport

Lois and his car

Rubén and his classic car

See more pictures of our drivers and their cars here.

Ok, that’s not spam. That’s real pictures the drivers have sent me to create an avatar so you can see their faces as they exchange emails with you. Ain’t that great?!

Side note: I know, there is no picture of a female driver. That’s because we don’t have one yet. They are very hard to find :)… but we continue to search because it would be amazing to have a driver girl on board.

Now moving on.

First hand facts and info

Haven’t it happened to you that you hire a driver through a middleman and in the end the driver can’t do something you had previously arranged with the middleman, or even the prices are different? When you work with independent drivers sometimes you don’t know all the facts and you have to assume some things that might not be real. We plan to avoid that kind of situations and rule surprises out. I mean, talking to the driver is the closer thing to reality, right?

Another thing is better personalization. Since our drivers don’t have to manage all of the requests (as opposed to having a middleman), this gives them more time to focus better on what you want and give you first hand facts and info on what you can or can’t do with them.

Comfortable negotiation

You can negotiate fares more quietly and ahead of time, and discuss the driver’s answers with your couple, family or travel partner before deciding and replying back. This will feel better than discussing the prices real time and in a hurry while being approached by several drivers on the streets, as normally happens if you try to hire one the moment you arrive.

Would you rather hire a stranger in the streets in a hurry, or someone you had time to engage with?

Language match

One more thing I want to add is that you can find an English speaker driver through YoTeLlevo. We automatically match your request with English speaker drivers if you create it in the English version of the site -just switch languages at the top of the page.

In the streets it could happen that you’re in such a hurry that you have to pick one of the drivers even if he doesn’t speak good English.


That is all I can think of for now. I think it all reduces to the fact that if you meet the driver first, when you get to do the trip you’ll be able to continue the conversation instead of starting one. That sounds close to having a friend in Cuba already.

And yes, I know it’s not much, because after all…

These are soft values

What I have written in this post has to do with something I will call soft values (just occured to me): values that exist but are irrelevant if other stronger values are not present.

What does that mean?

That means that what you really want and need from our service is professionalism, punctuality, safety and guarrantee. Those are strong values. Without these you will certainly not be happy. A friendly driver that can speak your language is just a plus.

But I can tell you, we are working to build the stronger values. We are still the middleman, only that less invasive. We can’t claim to have the stronger values yet because we are building the culture with our drivers right now, but that doesn’t mean we lack them.

Our drivers have been carefully chosen and some have been in business for a long time. Will they deliver a great experience? Just hire one and see for yourself.

Vintage cars in Havana: 13 pictures in one hour of hunting

Just recently I visited Havana and walked around Vedado. I saw so many tourists enjoying themselves taking a tour around the city in vintage cars, that I decided to spend some minutes photo shooting those moments; some minutes became more than one hour of capturing people doing such an amazing tour.

I took the pictures in a few locations in Vedado but these cars are rolling all around Havana carrying visitors. Trust me, there is no better way to get an initial grasp of Havana than taking this kind of tour: you land in the airport, get transfered to your hotel or casa, go out inmediately and find a vintage car to hire… probably one like these:

purple vintage car in havana

red vintage car in havana

pink vintage car in havana

light blue vintage car in havana

blue vintage car in havana

red vintage car in havana

purple vintage car in havana

blue vintage car in havana

purple vintage car in havana

pink vintage car in havana

orange vintage car in havana

red wine vintage car in havana

pink vintage car in havana

How about that? Would you dare to feel an old engine running under your seat as you are welcome in Havana? Can you picture yourself hiring the blue, the pink, the purple or the orange?

Hire a taxi driver in Cuba: the YoTeLlevo experience

Hiring a taxi driver at YoTeLlevo is something special. You’re not hiring a driver, you are making a friend who has a taxi and can be your driver -even when you have to pay.

It’s no secret visiting a foreign country is not something you should take lightly. It requires preparation, you have to plan your accomodation, foods, transportation, and other needs you’ll sure have.

Yeah, you’re really busy the moments you’re making sure nothing is left out, not only for you, but maybe for your family too (a teenage daughter? ayayay).

What if we could help you in one thing? Here at YoTellevo we’ve designed a way to help you in the transportation part. But not just any way.

We’ve designed a way that helps you find a good driver for your travel to Cuba -be it a transfer or a tour- and we let you get to meet him or her before you arrive in the island. We do that by connecting  you with three different taxi drivers to have a conversation via email so that you can arrange every detail. In the end you hire the one you think is best.

Our drivers are regular Cuban people who happen to own a car and are in the bussiness of taxi for tourism. You might exchange emails with an accountant, or a fisherman, a musician or a retired pilot.

What you get out of these conversations is what we call the YoTeLlevo experience: you hire a taxi driver that’s going to ride you in your trip, but you also make a friend.

Dan and family meet our drivers

Just to have an idea of what might happen, let’s suppose you are Dan and you are traveling with your wife Lisa and daughter Olivia to Cuba. You find out about YoTeLlevo and are willing to try the service.

You’d like to hire a taxi to transfer you and your family from Havana Airport to your hotel in Varadero. You go to the site and create a travel request online.

Origin-Destination: Aeropuerto José Martí | Havana – Varadero
Date: March 10, 2015 (Tuesday)
Pax: 3
Details: I’m traveling with wife and daughter and would like to go directly from Havana Airport to our hotel in Varadero.

That’s it: 3 drivers just got notified with your request.

At this point I have to tell you that our drivers are independent so they’ll give you different quotes. Also they have their own agenda, and some of them might not be available. But with 3 drivers there’s always a good chance that at least two are interested.

You and your family get a response from 2 of the drivers (the other one? you might be arriving on her birthday). So two emails arrive to your inbox:

Pedro - taxi driver
Hi, I’m Pedro and I’m available for the trip you request. I can take you from Havana Airport to Varadero for 80 CUC.

Cheers, Pedro


Mario - taxi driver
Hello Sir or Madam:

First of all a greeting and thank you for your communication with us. About your request of transfer from Havana Airport to Varadero, the price is 90.00 CUC. Thanks again.



The next time you open your inbox you see these emails and start evaluating the prices. You conclude they are affordable, and after some thinking you decide on Mario because even when the price is a little bit higher, he seems more formal and appropriate for you. You reply:

Hi Mario,

We accept your offer to drive us to Varadero for 90 CUC. We arrive on Sunwing Flight # WG680 from Toronto at 9:50 AM.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Dan Scott

It takes Mario some time to respond, because he might not be able to be connected to his email all day. The response comes the next day.

Mario - taxi driver
Hi Mr. Scott, sorry for the delay.

Yes, I’ll sure be there on time. Don’t you worry. I’ll wait for you at the Airport exit with a poster reading ‘Dan Scott & family’. Should we confirm the transfer a few days before the date arrives?

Sincerely, Mario

You reply:

Hi Mario, it’s not necessary to confirm. We’ll be waiting for you and looking for the poster when we arrive. That’s for sure.

Everything keeps going as usual for you. You and Lisa keep planning your trip (Olivia is too busy telling ALL of her friends how much she’ll miss them for two weeks). There are still many things to cope with, but you feel like maybe at least your arrival is going to be different to previous visits, when you had to negotiate your transfer the instant you arrived (and you didn’t enjoy it).

The day before you depart from your country heading Cuba, you get an email from Mario:

Mario - taxi driver
Hi Mr. Scott,

I whish you and your family a nice flight. See you tomorrow.


This surprises you. Will he actually be waiting us? Now you are feeling like you have a friend in Cuba already, someone you know who is waiting for you -and you haven’t arrived yet. You feel confident and relaxed this time. Looks like the arrival is going to be hassle-free. If he doesn’t show up, you’re simply going to do what you always do: negotiate fares.

The next day when you arrive in the airport, pick up your luggage and head to the exit, you divise a poster with ‘Dan Scott & family’ at the distance. You approach to it. When you get closer, the person holding the poster sees you coming:

Hi, Dan Scott??

Yeah, you must be Mario, our driver.

Yes I am. Nice to meet you in person. And these must be Lisa and Olivia… did you flight well??…

And so on. After fast introductions you go to the car that is waiting just outside. Mario helps you with the luggage and opens the door for Lisa and Olivia to get in the car. You get in the car too and Mario starts the engine. The car starts going.

So, the flight was a little bit delayed…

And so starts a friendly conversation with you all, about the weather, what you’re planing to do in Cuba and how Olivia is going to enjoy Varadero so much.

Even when it takes you 2.30 hrs to reach your hotel at Varadero, you feel like time went flying. You’ve learned a bit about Cuba from Mario’s point of view and you’ve even written down some recomendations of foods to taste and places to visit. Your visit to Cuba is becoming increasingly interesting.

You decide you’re going to call Mario some days later for a tour to Havana you’ve been longing to do. Olivia is happier because she’s going to meet sooo many YOUNG people in Havana now.

To make the story short, let’s just say that you end up having a great tour to Havana with Mario, and again you feel you spent your money worthly.

You don’t see Mario again that vacation, but you keep his contact info for future ocassions since he’s been an awesome driver: he introduced you into yuca con mojo and it was yummy, but chicharrones was too fatty for you. (Edit: It’s a shame you didn’t try both foods together. It’s delicious).

How nice was that?

Now, you might argue that your trip was great not because of YoTeLlevo. You’re right, YoTeLlevo simply helped you find a driver. But the driver did put some hours of sparkle in your trip.

Even when the driver was the star, we do believe that having the opportunity to meet someone before arriving in the island and have him or her wait for you and give you the first instructions really helps in giving shape to your trip. If that person can ride you to your hotel, better yet.

On the other hand, if you know the major transportation costs in advance, you’ll be able to plan your budget better, which gives you confidence and happiness. Our drivers can help you with that too.

Anticipation to the costs of taxi rides, directions on how to better spend your time and an interesting and full of stories Cuban person to talk to is what you can expect from the drivers you’ll find at YoTeLlevo.

Need more? Just imagine what a friend can do for you.

It’s real, I work with taxi drivers

This is the first post of this blog and I thought I would write about the bussiness I’m creating: YoTeLlevo. But instead I’m going to start with something different but that’s related to it: taxi drivers.

Everyone agrees that taxi drivers are like trolls nobody wants to approach, monsters that think they are the owners of the road and that their car is a place where you have to play his rules. You use taxis because you have to, not because you like it.

But what if your job was to work with taxi drivers everyday? I’ll tell you: it’s aaaamazing!!!

But before I start an ode to taxi drivers, let me first tell you how it is that I ended up working with a crew of them.

Could this possibly work?

A year ago and during a conversation with some friends I had this idea: why not have people create sort of a travel request or alert in a website, and get some independent taxi drivers notified via email about that travel. It would allow the traveler and the driver to contact each other directly so they could arrange the details: pick up place, date and price, basically.

At first I was thinking we would provide a service for every need and for everyone: need a car with driver for anything? Find one here.

But living in a Caribbean island which economy mostly depends on tourism, it didn’t take long before I realized I should target that market instead of the local, so I set up to do just that.

It didn’t look like a bad idea. After all, this kind of bussiness wasn’t new. Many taxi drivers are waiting in lines in a lot of places around the cities waiting to be hired. It would be great for drivers because they would have a new channel for getting customers, and good for travelers because they would be able to plan everything in advance, and hopefully engage with their driver before they arrived in the island. The idea promised to remove the rush and hassle of hiring a taxi driver.

It in fact looked like a brilliant idea and something one could do easily. It was just a matter of building the web app, finding some drivers and registering them in a database.

So I did.

Now let’s just skip the part where I have a tough journey to building the bussiness and discovering and learning all the values it should offer, and assume I did create it, put it online and put it to work -I got crucial help from a couple of friends, a cousin and my brother.

We are talking about drivers here.

The drivers: hunting, emails, discovery

So I had to find drivers interested in using what I was building, and that’s the first thing I did.

I asked my brother (who’s now in bussiness with me) to help me find some drivers for our agency, and we both started with the task.

We needed drivers that had an email account which they could check regularly, which is not a very common feature in Cuba, specially for non-proffesionals (you know, professionals like journalists and some computer science workers like me). So we decided we’d start tracking them down in classified ads websites -a hot channel right now in Cuba- or by recommendations. Those promoting themselves in the Internet had more chance to have an email account, and the recommendations should come with the has-an-email-account tag.

The hunting began. We sent a bunch of emails to those we found, asking them to join us and help us move some visitors in need for a taxi ride. We also deployed ourselves to the streets, where taxi drivers do their day to day job, and asked some of them.

What we were seeking was drivers that were willing to use our system as it came, and that were good communicating with people -this is the weird part given the label of trolls put on taxi drivers. (yeah, experience, responsibility and a nice car was important too).

On the streets we weren’t very lucky since most of them didn’t have an email account, or they were used to be hired at the moment of the ride, or didn’t have time to arrange the details by email.

Ugh, this is difficult… but it’s better that way

No luck at the beginning, but eventually the email responses began to arrive. Just a few out of many drivers we emailed were interested so as to respond. Many of them simply didn’t take the chance.

You see, driving a taxi is not something new to them, obviously. Neither is finding customers; even if seldom, they manage to find travelers interested in hiring them. Many have very sophisticated methods, like Facebook pages, personal websites or affiliation with other agencies. Some of them have joined together in independent associations. Most of them make good money. Waiting in a line in the streets or outside the airports works for them. Why use one more channel?

What we understood later was that breaking through a well established bussiness was not easy. But also found out that those willing to try our offer were in fact very open minded, good communicators! and really insteresting people who happened to be in the bussiness. There was room for our idea.

We started to find spectacular people: retired pilots, fishermen, accountants. Each brought diversity to place. Each one of them was in the bussiness of transporting turists everywhere in the island, all using their own cars.

They had the experience and knew most of the touristic attractions. They had given rides to tourists many times and understood their needs. They understood the value of engaging with visitors before being hired, and got the idea of what we really wanted: make it easier and safer for the travelers to hire a taxi driver so they could be happy.

Having such people in our crew was a win. We would be able to offer the travelers a catalogue with the best drivers available. After all, the person you travel with is important and can make the difference, so you better have the best driver for your needs.

If I had to choose a motto for what we offer it would be this: Your taxi driver makes the difference. Suit yourself with the best one.

Is it the one with the more stories to tell? Is it that who can be your guide as well as your driver? Is it the type of driver that seats quiet at her seat and only drives? Is it the one with more academic knowledge or the one with more mundane and friendly behavior? Is it the polite, happy, mature, quiet, professionally prepared, extroverted or story-teller driver you are looking for?

No matter how they are like, people prefer different kinds of personalities. And that’s what we are prepared to offer now at YoTeLlevo (okay, at this point you might be wondering what’s the meaning of that name).

Our drivers are awesome

So why do I say that working with these taxi drivers is awesome? Because not only they are a pleasure for their customers, but they also share our vision and are helping us fulfill it everyday.

It’s incredible how fast one discovers that the prestige taxi drivers have is far beyond undeserved. They are in fact awesome people.

Our drivers have been very helpful with all of our requests and questions: give us ideas to atract customers, what are your most demanded services, what places travelers prefer to go more often, should transfer from and to the airport be one of our main offers.

Even on more demanding issues they’ve been receptive: send us a picture to make an avatar, remember you are competing with other two drivers -driver pride pain-, can you please check your email frequently, can you give the traveler a quote in the first response, would you rather say your name to the traveler than being anonymous, would you tell us how it went in your trip with Mr. Smith and family?

Thanks to them we’ve been able to understand the market, create features in our app, and most importantly, make a few travelers happy. They really try hard to impress them and be of help. And that is all we want.

All we have needed is some of their time and their understanding. We’ve had plenty of both, but also have received appreciation.

What would you think of a person that sends a hug on Valentine’s Day and congrats all the women in your family on Women’s Day?

We’ve been working with our drivers for a very short time so far, but yes, I’ll be glad to work with them all the time from now.