Need a driver with a car in Cuba?

Get quotes directly from some drivers who live in Cuba and arrange a taxi for your transfers, tours and journeys

Learn the prices in advance • See pictures and reviews about the drivers • Arrange all before you arrive in the island

We connect you with up to 3 of our drivers so that you can arrange your travel directly with them via email before you arrive in the island.

The drivers will give you quotes and you can ask anything until you feel comfortable. Get to meet the drivers as you exchange emails.

Hire the driver you think is best according to your budget or special needs. Or just make a friend to ride you anywhere.

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Meet your driver

The driver you travel with is important and makes the difference. Our drivers are pilots, fishermen, professionals, all of them owners of a car who help us move you around the island. Connect with your driver the way you prefer.

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Plan your budget before hand

Plan all the transportation costs with your driver before you arrive in the island. Know for sure what you can spare for other activites and save yourself from the surprises of having to negotiate fares with drivers on the streets the moment you arrive.

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Don't waste time waiting for transport

Why wait for a bus to get where you want? Why have to schedule yourself to meet its departure time? Your time visiting Cuba is limited, and it's better to have a taxi at your disposal and decide when to take a ride, anytime, anywhere. It's as simple as laying back in your seat and saying Go.

Various tourism destinations in Cuba

Unleash your creativity

Cuba is a wonderful country to visit and none of its places is similar. Arrange your journeys the way you want, without being attached to rigid and boring itineraries. Do last minute changes, learn and decide along the way and create the best memories.

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