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Martín with computerHi, my name is Martín Proenza and I am the founder and CEO of YoTeLlevo, a website (is it something else?) that lets you hire a driver with car in Cuba. This is the official blog of my website.

Well, it is not my website because I don’t work alone at YoTeLlevo. I have crucial help from my brother, a friend and a cousin. I am the only writer of this blog for now, but I get ideas from them too.

I am writting from Cuba and since YoTeLlevo is targeted to tourists arriving in the island, I’m going to take my chances and write things related to traveling in this wonderful country. I will do that with the hope of being useful to you somehow and to inspire you to do things that you might not know can be done here. So in a way this blog can be used as a guide too.

Like any computer programmer trying to build a business, I have a preference for startups and entrepreneurship topics, so you will stumble upon a lot of posts related to how I’m building it or what I learn in the journey. But I think writting about the business is part of the story too, and has a lot to do with what we can provide you with. I hope those posts help you get a better grasp of what YoTeLlevo is about.

One thing I want to let you know is that I am not a traveler myself. I don’t know for sure the whole process it takes to visit a foreign country. So most stuff I write here are from my own point of view. I have one thing in my favor, tough: I live in Cuba, the country I am writting about, remember? Also, when you write about something you are forced to learn about it. And that’s what I expect to happen in my case: that I learn enough so I can share valuable things with you.

That being said, I now feel you have a clearer idea of what you are about to read in this blog. Use every post at your will, love them or hate them, discuss anything on the comments… but most importantly:

Be happy in your visit to Cuba!

The weather is amazing out there right now.

Oh, and my email is [email protected] in case you want to reach out and say hi :) or you can hangout with me in Twitter at @martinproenza

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