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Classic cars in Cuba: stunning pictures by travelers - Top 10

Cuba really is a special place for classic and old cars. You already know that! They can be seen anywhere. Some are very old, but multiple of them are simply extraordinary jewels rolling all around, and definitely family treasures for those who own them.

That’s why lots of travelers to Cuba like to shoot those attractive cars posing in amazing places to take those pictures back home.

We have been blessed that some of those pictures have been shared with us by our drivers’ customers as part of the stories they write about their trips to Cuba.

Here are 10 pictures we have selected as the best we have received so far.


Even if this picture was taken back in 2015, the place it was shot at is amazing. The car is not very beautiful -it was remodelled last year (2018) and it is shiny now-, but the picture is really attractive. The place is in the middle of the road from Santiago de Cuba to Baracoa.

Source: Review by Inta, Jolanta, Kristine, Valerijs about their driver in Cuba, Lewys


Not exactly a classic car, but this jeep is old. What is great about this picture is that it looks like these guys are going on a safari :)

The place is beautiful, too. That was in Viñales Valley.

Source: Review by Diego, Jasper, Martijn, Bas, Jorn about their driver in Cuba, Elmer


The cliché picture in Cuba: people taking rides in classic convertible cars in Havana -and having lots of fun in the while.

Nevermind, the shot is amazing.

Source: Review by Elizabeth about their driver in Cuba, Lewys


This blue classic car looks like the sheriff of the whole Viñales Valley and beyond. Awesome shot. Is that its badge I see in its right door?

Source: Review by Rafa and Jesús about their driver in Cuba, Osvaldo


Great picture in a long road in Trinidad, featuring this red classic car bragging with its doors opened ;)

Source: Review by Pilar and family about their driver in Cuba, Yusmel


Great picture, great pose and great garments :) Also the car, of course. This is in Viñales Valley.

Source: Review by Catherine Nguyen and Steve Le about their driver in Cuba, Osvaldo


This is in Viñales Valley, again -are you noticing a recurring theme here?

So, this pic is awesome and the angle is great. It features some Viñales Mountains in the back and the Prehistory Mural (that painting you see on the mountain).

yellow and black classic car in viñales mountains in cuba with girls far away

Source: Review by Núria and Catherine about their driver in Cuba, Lioni


Great view of the Viñales mountains featuring this yellow old jeep. Not a classic car but old, and the picture is beautiful.

Source: Review by Giulia - Vanesa - Michela - Alejandro - Martina - Maia about their driver in Cuba, Eduardo


Wow! This photo is amazing! I love the lightning, the poses, the colors, everything! And again, it features a well-taken-care-of Cuban classic car.

Source: Review by Sonia Oval about their driver in Cuba, Juan

You know what else I loved from that picture in #2? The doggy :)


Remember that old classic car in #10 (check the plate)? Well, here it is again after remodellation! And it is now featured in this amazing and shiny shot taken in Central Park in Havana. Lots of things make this picture great, and the lightning really makes the car stand out.

Source: Review by Klaus and Shelle about their driver in Cuba, Lewys

So, that would be all. Nothing else to add as the pictures speak for themselves.

Do you have pictures of classic cars in Cuba you have taken yourself? Have you found another post with amazing pictures of classic cars in the island?

Please feel free to leave a link in the comments.

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